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“All roads, it is said, lead to Rome.
All railroads in Colorado try to lead to Leadville.”
A. A. Hayes, Harper’s New Monthly Magazine February, 1880
 “There has been but one Leadville. Never will there be another.” So said Carlyle Channing Davis, one of Leadville’s pioneer newspapermen. No mining town in America grew as fast, generated as much wealth, caroused as hard, made as many millionaires, and has survived as many boom-and-bust-and-boom-again cycles as Leadville, Colorado. So it was natural that a roaring town like Leadville attracted the 19th Century railroad builders. But getting to Leadville wasn't easy. The Denver & Rio Grande first had to defeat the Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe railroad in the great Royal Gorge War. The Denver South Park & Pacific raced toward Leadville, laying track through the night by torchlight. By 1887, a third railroad, the Colorado Midland had surveyed and built the first standard gauge railroad into Leadville and crossed the Sawatch Range with some of the most spectacular railroad engineering ever attempted. Together, these railroads helped make Leadville one of the most famous mining camps in the world. Fantastic strikes of silver, gold, lead, zinc, and molybdenum kept the town and the railroads alive until, one by one, each railroad fell to the changing world of the 20th century. In 1988 a new railroad, purchased for $10 but built upon the ghosts of the past, the Leadville Colorado & Southern, began carrying Leadville passengers over a right-of-way that was built in 1884. This is also the story of the laborers, railroaders and empire builders who endured avalanches, fires, accidents, angry stockholders, financial ruin and even murder to build and operate the railroads that helped put the magic in the “Magic City” of Leadville. $59.95 + $6 s&h Silver Rails: The Railroads of Leadville, Colorado By Christopher James