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Preface: The PreHistory of Leadville

So why is this place called "Leadville?"

Chapter 1: "All of California in This Here Pan!"

Oro City and Leadville: Boom, bust, boom, bust...BOOM!

Chapter 2: "By a Most Feasible Route"

Railroads race to everywhere (excpet Leadville)

Chapter 3: The War for Leadville in the Royal Gorge

The Santa Fe v. the Rio Grande in the canyon and the courts.

Chapter 4: "Ho! For the Mosquito!"

The Denver & South Park suddenly has a new goal.

Chapter 5: Sacks of Ore and Pigs of Bullion

Silver fever! And Leadville is the place to get it.

Chapter 6: General Palmer's Pumpkins

"If a man had a wagon load of pumpkins for sale..."

Chapter 7: A Gilded Town with Silver Rails

The mines, the railroads and the people build a Magic City.

Chapter 8: "An Error in Judgement"

The Union Pacific gets to Leadville - the hard way.

Chapter 9: Four Feet, Eight-and-1/2 Inches

The Colorado Midland brings standard gauge to the Rockies.

Chapter 10: The Not-So-Gay '90s

A palace of ice isn't enough to keep the railroads profitable.

Chapter 11: Of Ice and Men

Four months of the perfect storm after storm after storm.

Chapter 12: The 20th Century Comes to Leadville

A 19th Century town meets 20th Century technology.

Chapter 13: Activity of a Depressing Sort

The Colorado Midland pays the price for its innovation.

Chapter14: Learning to Spell "Mo-lyb-den-um."

A strange gray mineral saves the town and a railroad.

Chapter 15: "Engine 76 Run Extra to Climax"

The waining days of narrow gauge, steam and the C&S.

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Chapter 16: The Ten-Dollar Railroad

"The most expensive $10 I ever spent."

Epilogue: Hear That Lonesome Whistle Blow

Keeping the memory of Leadville's railroads alive.

Appendix: Leadville's Paper Railroads

The many railroads that never got to Leadville.




Hardbound 288 pages Over 400 black and white and color photographs (including many never published before!) 18 route maps - 7 historic maps Bibliography, notes, and comprehensive index
Silver Rails –The Railroads of Leadville, Colorado by Christopher James