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South Park Bookshelf by Bob Schoppe Chris James has produced a monumental work! "Leadville..." is a visual and factual feast that fills a long overdue void on the history of Colorado standard and narrow gauge railroadings in the Leadville area. Coverage focuses primarily on the standard gauge Colorado Midland, the standard and narrow gauge Denver and Rio Grande and the narrow gauge South Park line. From the earliest days of the Pueblo and Arkansas (a Santa Fe subsidiary) grading toward Leadville to today's Leadville Colorado and Southern operation, Leadville's entire railroad history is examined. Published in the traditional style—"like they used to make them"— this book is hardcover with a dust jacket and even gold gilt printing on the cover. The flyleaves feature large D&RG maps of their facilities in Leadville. Railroads in the Leadville area have been covered before but primarily as a subscript or footnote to the histories of the individual railroads. This work focuses on all the railroads that served Leadville purely from the Leadville perspective. To support this focus, its reach actually extends well beyond Leadville. Much new information is presented along with many new photographs. Silver Rails: The Railroads of Leadville is a thoroughly informative and enjoyable read. Books of this quality are seldom seen and certainly all-too-rare these days. While not purely a South Park Line book it is a significant work that deserves a place on your South Park bookshelf.